If you cannot feed 100 people, then feed only one!  

  Mother Teresa  

This saying by Mother Teresa inspires me again and again to help people who are not on the sunny side of life as we are even on a smaller scale. I have met people in Mpanshya who step their own lives back to help others, who are tirelessly realizing new projects, and whose aim it is to offer local people a better life quality, be it with medical care, with access to clean drinking water, or the possibility to attend school.

My respect for these people is enormous, and my goal is to help them with funds coming from my organization for some of these projects.


Thank you very much for your interest in the “Organization Friends of the Mpanshya Hospital Zambia.”


News Dezember 2019

Shoes and clothes for adults and children have arrived in Chamilala! Many thanks to Urs Gabriel for organising the transport, Eva Bischof for all the wonderful children's dresses, Mägi and Ruedi Kunz for the beach dresses and Trix Wampfler for the shoes. And last but not least  to Ruedi Hählen: Thank you for the Hählen Bed&Baby bus, with which I could take all the boxes to Zurich Airport!

News Oktober 2019

After the promise to finance a pre school in Unyanya in December 2018, the school could be officially opened on November 29, 2019!