Sponsorship for Children

This project, which is run by Sister Josepha in Mpanshya, is looking for sponsoring families who are willing to pay an annual amount for a Zambian child from the Mpanshya and Chamilala region. A sponsorship enables a half-orphan, an orphan, or a child with difficult financial circumstances to grow up in his or her family environment, even though this might be a great financial burden for the family or the relatives. Therefore, through the annual contribution of the sponsoring families, these families are relieved of financial expenses that they cannot afford. This includes providing appropriate clothing, shoes, and balanced food as well as access to clean drinking water and teaching the children the most important principles of hygiene. In addition, a sponsorship enables the children to attend school. During my visits I get an insight into the accounting of the sponsorship project. Therefore, I can personally guarantee that the money of the sponsoring families benefits the children.

Costs of a Sponsorship (per year)

CHF 250.00


The sponsorship starts with the first payment. The sponsoring family receives a bill with a deposit slip. Ideally, the child should be sponsored until it completes the mandatory school years. Sponsorships may be cancelled at the end of the year in writing.