Construction of the Preschools Chamilala and Unyanya 

We have already built two preschools, which were opened in 2017 (Chamilala) and 2019 (Unyanya).


Sponsorships of Children


At the moment we look after about 175 sponsored families through the association, and the trend is rising!


Health Centre Chamilala


In August 2015, a new health centre was opened in Chamilala, 100 km east of Mpanshya. Through the association, one third of the costs were financed by donations (see also description under chapter Project Chamilala).


Wells and Boreholes in Chamilala, Mulele, and Preschools


Water is life! Many people still have to walk many kilometres to get clean drinking water. Therefore, the association has financed various boreholes with hand wells or solar-powered wells.


Insaka and Toilets for the Preschool


In order for the children in the preschool to be able to stay and eat in the shade, we have financed two more insaka (shelters). An additional toilet house as well as the infrastructure (water connection and big trough) will be installed to wash the dishes.


Sheets for the Hospital


In November 2013 we were able to send about 210 sheets to the hospital in Mpansyha. In August 2016 we sent not only clothes but also medical material.


Clothes from the Beachvolleyball Tournament Gstaad for the People in Mpanshya


For the second time, we were able to transport numerous helper clothes of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam tournament in Gstaad that remain unused after every year. T'Shirts, sweaters, softshell jackets, fibre furs, wind jackets, trousers, caps etc. were given to people in emergency situations.  

At this point we would like to thank the responsible persons of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam Gstaad for providing the high quality helper clothes!


Transport of Wheelchairs No. 2


In 2015 we sent wheelchairs, night chairs, hospital bedside tables and clothes to Mpanshya for the second time.


Wheelchairs for the Hospice


In summer 2012, thanks to Heinz Frei, top wheelchair athlete and multiple Paralympics gold medalist and world champion in racing wheelchairs and hand bikes, we were able to transport wheelchairs to Zambia, which will now be used in the hospice. Thanks to British Airways, who helped with the handling and who were very generous with the prize of this cargo transport.




In 2009, with the help of the Rotary Club of Gstaad-Saanenland, the Catholic parish of Gstaad and the Kennedy School, we were able to set up a Mortuary powered by solar energy. This offers the possibility to keep up to three deceased persons refrigerated. In addition to the mortuary, an insaka (shelter), where the mourners can say goodbye in the shade, and a toilet were also built.


Training Room 

In order to improve the quality of medical and nursing care, the hospital's specialist staff must be given further training, which requires a training room set up for this purpose. Thanks to some donations we were able to finance the construction and the technical equipment such as beamer, battery operation as constant power source etc. of this room.