Chicken for the Hospital

To provide the entire Mission with eggs and important proteins, the new project “Chicken for the Hospital” was started. A large henhouse was built to house 250 laying hens, and in September 2011, thanks to a sponsor, the hens were able to move in. Since then, more hens have been added. Schools have signed up to buy eggs. The project is financially autonomous. One half of the eggs are sold in order to buy more chickenfeed and the other half is used as a nutritional supplement for patients in the hospital, the hospice, and for the children in the Nutrition Center. A chicken costs about $12, including the transport from Lusaka to Mpanshya. Thanks to this project, new job opportunities for local residents have been created.

Depending on the sponsorship, the henhouse will be expanded and additional chickens will be bought.

Henry's Project

Henry was a regular patient at the hospice with an incurable disease, and he gradually became weaker and more dependent on others. Despite his life-threatening illness, he was a happy boy. When he stayed at the hospice, he loved putting together puzzles. Henry died on July 15, 2010. In his memory, Henry’s Project was established. Puzzles, simple board games, books, and toys are collected for the hospice.

Cultivation of Moringa trees and Lemon Grass

Moringa, a tree that is becoming increasingly popular, is said to be a wonder tree, "tree of long life" or "mothers best friend" in many places. This deciduous tree is the fastest growing tree in the world (up to four metres per year) and is cultivated as a useful and ornamental plant. It thrives in almost any soil and forms pinnate leaves. The content of vital substances is so high that even small amounts of the dried leaf powder cover the recommended daily requirement of many necessary nutrients. Moringa trees grow about 8 meters high. Practically the whole tree (root, bark, seeds, flowers, fruits and leaves) can be used for medicinal purposes. Moringa leaves have the rare property that they can be picked fresh from the tree and eaten raw. 

Healthy ingredients of Moringa:

Moringa leaves contain very high levels of protein, vitamin A and calcium along with many other vital substances. Moringa can therefore be considered the best natural multivitamin preparation. The leaves are dried, crushed and processed into tea or powdered into spice. 

Lemongrass is also planted, then dried and crushed. Pouring hot water over it makes a delicious tea for the patients!